Design Services

Picture1While a few decades ago the field of signal and power integrity was relevant to only those working in cutting-edge fields of electronics engineering, such as designers of telecommunication equipment or backplanes, today it can hardly be ignored. With even general-purpose applications relying on fast processors, wide bandwidth memories and high speed interfaces, today’s advanced designs can no longer ignore this field of engineering. When signal reflections, high frequency losses, propagation timing, crosstalk and power distribution are not considered, even the most carefully designed circuit is threatened by poor performances or even a complete lack of functionality.

We can contribute to the success of your project by assisting you at several levels of product development: we can advice on the system design, to help avoiding unnecessary problems while still not affecting the performance; we can work with your PCB manufacturer to design the best stackup which would meet all the high-speed demands without adding too many constraints to the layout designer; we can simulate the high speed interfaces to provide guidelines for PCB design, customized to your project and your requirements, so you won’t need to navigate on a sea of generic and often contradictory “tips & tricks”; we can analyze your completed PCB design, either by doing a simple review or by detailed simulations of the most demanding interfaces, so you won’t have to spend money and time manufacturing a prototype just to find some issues which could have been detected earlier. We’ve been doing this for many years now, so if you need a signal & power integrity expert … you need us !

  • System Design
  • PCB Stackup
  • Pre-layout analysis
  • Post-layout analysis
  • PCB review



Picture10Finding solutions to signal and power integrity challenges is not a task for just a specialized engineer, but rather a team work. While a crucially important part is played by the layout designer, who has to implement all the signal and power integrity requirements on what is often an already highly-constrained PCB, the hardware engineer, the software developer and even the project manager, they all have to understand what they’re dealing with and contribute to the overall effort. We come to meet this demand with two general “high speed design” trainings: an introductory one to give an overall understanding of the common problems and a more in-depth one aimed for hardware and layout engineers. For those requiring an even more detailed knowledge of specific high speed interfaces such as DDR, LVDS, HDMI, SATA, etc., we can provide specific interface training.

All our training are available in English and Romanian and can be organized at our training location in Timisoara, western side of Romania, or at our customer location. We provide printed training materials, practical application examples and use state-of-the art technology such as the animated transmission line simulator developed by our staff. Get a taste of our training material by watching the sample available below!

  • Introduction to High Speed Design (8h)
  • High Speed Design (24h)
  • Interface training (on demand)

HS training sample (Download .pdf)

Cross-talk on a transmission line animation [short line] (Download .wmv)

Cross-talk on a transmission line animation [long line] (Download .wmv)