Picture7The Obsidian Soundboard is a programmable sound generator designed for high tech toys. It features an audio power amplifier operating under the control of a microprocessor, which selects the sound played from a set preloaded in the internal memory. It allows for up to 40 different sounds grouped into 7 categories and random selection within categories. Each category is linked to a specific event, which can be trigger either externally by a mechanical switch or internally, by an acceleration sensor with programmable sensitivity and two levels of triggering. The low standby current allows it to be permanently powered for long periods of time without draining the batteries.

An intuitive PC interface allows downloading the sound files on the internal memory and adjusting the sensor sensitivity.


Supply voltage 3.6 … 9 [V]
Output power 2 [W] @ 4 [W]
Standby current 200 [µA]
Internal memory 8 Mbyte
Sensor type 3D accelerometer
Data interface USB 2.0
Operating system Windows XP SP2 or later


  • On-board flash memory
  • Audio power amplifier
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Internal accelerometer trigger
  • External switch trigger
  • PC interface through USB
  • Powered by an external battery pack
  • Low standby current

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