Picture8The Obsidian LED driver is a processor-controlled color mixer designed for high tech toys.  It comes in two versions, one with two and one with four output channels, each channel having an independent current regulator of up to 1 [A]. The four-channel version features a full-RGB color mixing, while both versions allow for an idle and an externally triggered pulse effect. The low standby current allows it to be permanently powered for long periods of time without draining the batteries.

An intuitive PC interface allows full customization of the color mixing and pulse effects.


Supply voltage 3.6 … 9 [V]
Output current 1 [A] / channel
Total output power 10 [W]
Standby current 250 [µA]
Color mixing Red / Green / Blue
Data interface USB 2.0
Operating system Windows XP SP2 or later


  • 2 or 4 LED channels
  • Up to 1 Amp / channel
  • Fully programmable color mixing
  • Fully programmable pulse effects
  • USB interface
  • External triggering
  • Low standby current

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