Concept and system architecture

With years of experience in the field behind us and a team of dedicated engineers, we have the necessary abilities to take your idea of an electronic system and turn it into reality. We work closely with our clients in the product concept phase, helping to choose the best technical solutions for the problem at hand. From general-purpose consumer products to specialized industrial systems, we can bring valuable input to your idea right from the start!

The foundation of any product must, of course, be a good idea and proper planning of the system’s different parts – the system architecture. This is where our expertise can make a major difference. As part of our workflow, this is the step that ensures the success of all subsequent development.

As part of the process, full technical documentation is maintained, available to you for later reference and as reference for the manufacturing phase.

  • Product idea assessment
  • System concept
  • Architectural planning
  • Technical documents

Hardware Design

The natural step after having laid out the system’s architectural overview is making it into an actual design –simulation, schematic entry and PCB design.

Our team of designers can handle just about any challenge in hardware design: analog or digital circuitry, power sub-systems, RF interfaces, integration of other electronic modules – you name it! We have vast experience with a range of EDA and simulation suites, so we can fit the needs of the most exigent of customers.

  • Simulation
  • Schematic entry
  • PCB design

Embedded software development

Ranging from small 8-bit microcontrollers applications to complex 32-bit device architectures, our knowledge of embedded software development covers a vast domain. A range of toolchains, debugging tools and IDEs help us to bring the require functionality to the systems we design. Be it a simple application for a small 6-pin device, a multi-tasking RTOS or running embedded Linux, our team of passionate engineers will make the most of the hardware’s capabilities.

  • Several microcontroller architectures
  • RTOS
  • Embedded Linux

PC Interfaces

Most often, the embedded systems will need a means to communicate to a PC. We can provide the software facilities to interface to the embedded devices, in various high-level languages. Our expertise covers Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux, thus widening the possible user base of the devices we design.

Prototyping and system-level validation

Naturally, the embedded devices must also be validated in real operating conditions. As part of our services offering, we will build functional prototypes of the designs for this purpose.

  • Prototyping
  • System validation
  • Maintenance & Upgrades


Following the release to market of a product, in most cases there will be a need for future upgrades integrating new functionality to better suit the needs of the users. We assist our clients with follow-up maintenance and upgrades of the designs, enabling your product to make the most of its capabilities.

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